11th Annual Dinanna Pa'a Taotao Tano'
Dance Competition & Festival 2014

Pa’a Taotao Tano’ has produced a Dance Competition and Festival to be a highly recognized annual signature fundraising event that showcases the Chamorro Culture though songs, chants and dance reinforcing the indigenous Chamorro language and promoting traditional and contemporary arts and crafts. Each “Guma”, a Chamorro cultural dance house, compete for awards in three categories, Ancient, Spanish and Contemporary Dance revolving around a cultural theme. Pa’a Taotao Tano’ has established 13 iconic themes that reflect important aspects in Chamorro society. 


Division Category Winners 

1st Div. A - Guma' Taotao Lagu - Fafa'na'gue Dana Kim


1st Div. B - Guma' Ininan I Saina-ta - Fafa'na'gue Jonathan Perez

2nd Div. B - Guma' Nina'en Acho Latte - Fafa'nague Ray Lujan


1st Div. C - Guma' Irensian Taotao Tano' - Fafa'nague Eileen Meno

2nd Div. C - Guma' Katon I Tano' - Fafa'na'gue Bobbie Tainatongo


Best Category Winners 

Best Contemporary:  Guma' Aniten Taotao Tano' - Fafa'na'gue Bobbie Tainatongo

Best Spanish:  Guma' Taotao Lagu - Fafa'na'gue Dana Kim

Best Ancient:  Guma' Irensian Taotao Tano' - Fafa'na'gue Eileen Meno


Solo Category Winner 

Best Solo:  Alexis Taisipic (Guma' Ininan I Saina-ta, Fafa'na'gue Jonathan Perez)


Mas Geftao' Award: Fafa'na'gue Art Pangelinan


Speaker Carlos Taitano Cultural Scholarship Award 

Winner:  Master of Chamorro Eileen Meno - Irensian Taotao Tano'


Overall Champion: Guma' Irensian Taotao Tano' – Master of Chamorro Dance Eileen Meno